Keren Love

Keren is doing a Master's of Environmental Studies at Victoria University of Wellington.

Background of research

The predominance of travelling by private car is one of the biggest contributors to the carbon emissions of public housing developments. Reliance on the private car as the main mode of transport also has health and wellbeing implications. Research has demonstrated a relationship between the built environment and the mode (walking, cycling, public transport, car) by which people choose to travel. Understanding how the built environment and location of public housing is related to residents' travel decisions will contribute to future policy and development decisions that support a shift towards more sustainable transport modes.

Aims of research

This research aims to describe the transport behaviour of public housing residents and to identify the influence of factors such as the built environment and housing location on transport mode choice.


Quantitative analysis of historical (2006-10) travel behaviour using the New Zealand Household Travel Survey as well as Built Environment measures in the Wellington Region.

Key publications