Overarching Aim

To investigate public & community housing providers’ decision-making and theory of change concerning provision of community infrastructure and placemaking efforts; and in turn, tenants’ perceptions and experiences of neighbourhood as they pertain to individual and community wellbeing.

Top 3 objectives

  1. To understand each provider’s placemaking efforts and community infrastructure provision to support tenant, Māori and community wellbeing, including the processes, decision-making and theories of change related to this provision.
  2. To map geographic access to community resources – recreational, educational, cultural, health, financial and transport – within tenants’ neighbourhood.
  3. To understand tenants’ neighbourhood experiences of place, belonging to place, of social capital and cohesion, and of safety and security.

Strand Team


  1. Provider community infrastructure decision making. Project Lead Karen Witten
  2. Provider theory of change. Project Lead Crystal Olin
  3. Characterising neighbourhoods. Project Lead Ed Randal
  4. Tenants’ neighbourhood experience. Project Lead Eli Chisholm