Overarching Aim

To analyse relationships between public housing quality and tenant and community wellbeing

Top 3 objectives

  1. To understand how design and governance of public housing affects housing quality
  2. To assess public housing design, and internal environment
  3. To understand how differences in housing quality affect the wellbeing of occupants.

Strand Team


  1. Dwelling external appearance and access. Project Lead Crystal Olin
  2. Dwelling fabric & internal design. Project Leads Helen Viggers & Crystal Olin
  3. Ventilation and wellbeing. Project Lead Julie Bennett
  4. Meeting housing quality standards across public housing governance models. Project Leads Lucy Telfar Barnard & Jenny Ombler
  5. Temperature and wellbeing. Project Lead Nevil Pierse
  6. Health & wellbeing impacts of COVID-19 Public Health & Social Measures on public housing tenants. Project Lead Rachel Dohig, Master’s student
  7. Public housing tenants’ spatial experience of homemaking & wellbeing. Project Lead Saera Chun, PhD Student
  8. Dwelling Materiality & Embodied Energy. Project lead Crystal Olin