Views of Homeowners in a Mixed Tenure Neighbourhood in New Zealand 

Recent changes in public housing policy in New Zealand are leading to an increasing focus on mixed tenure neighbourhoods, where public housing (provided by government, local council, or other subsidised schemes) is situated alongside privately owned housing. Worldwide, a deliberate focus on mixed tenure has been prevalent since the early 1990s, but has only recently become part of state housing policy in New Zealand. While existing research on mixed tenure outlines a number of perceived benefits of this neighbourhood structure, the views of market tenants can impact the wellbeing of public housing tenants through the presence of stigma and discrimination.

This research will interview home owners in a Wellington neighbourhood with a mix of public and market housing. In-depth, semi structured interviews will be conducted, in which participants will be asked to share their views on their neighbourhood, the types of housing in the neighbourhood, and their engagement with their neighbours and wider community. This research will fit into a broader body of work around community formation as part of public housing development.  

For further information, contact the supervisor, Elinor Chisholm