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  • Atkinson, J. Metcalfe, J. Kuschel,G.
    Long term exposure to air pollution, mortality and morbidity in New Zealand: Cohort study.
    Science of The Total Environment,
  • Ammar, S.E. Mclntyre, M.
    Imported arboviral infections in New Zealand, 2001 to 2017: A risk factor for local transmission.
    Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease,
  • Chambers, T. Shaw, C. Ball, J. Cleghorn, C.
    New Zealand's Climate Change Commission report: The critical need to address the missing health co-benefits of reducing emissions.
    New Zealand Medical Journal
    134(1542), 109-118.
  • Hess, J.J. Ranadive, N. Boyer, C.J. Aleksandrowicz, L. ... et al.
    Guidelines for Modeling and Reporting Health Effects of Climate Change Mitigation Actions.
    Environmental Health Perspectives,
  • Hasan, M. A. Frame, D. J.
    Acceptability of Transport Emissions Reduction Policies: A Multi-Criteria Analysis.
    Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews,
    133, 110298.
  • Climate change, extreme rainfall events, drinking water and enteric disease.
    Reviews on Environmental Health,
  • Hasan M.A. Frame D.J. Archie K.M.
    Emissions from the road transport sector of New Zealand: key drivers and challenges.
    Environmental Science and Pollution Research
    26(23), 23937–23957
  • Archie, K. Flood, S.
    Climate change response in New Zealand communities: Local scale adaptation and mitigation planning.
    Environmental Development
    28, 19-31