Last chance to win a trip to Singapore: Your idea for a future city

“Singapore challenge: The science of future cities” is a global competition run by A*STAR. Researchers around the world are invited to submit innovative proposals for resolving key challenges presented by increasingly dense urban environments. The top 30 entries will receive a cash travel grant to attend the Singapore Scientific Conference from 16 – 17 Sept 2015, and will get a chance to present their ideas to conference delegates. Competition closes 1 June.

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Medium-density housing and town centre plans

We support intensified residential development in Wellington. Our research suggests that there is a substantial unmet demand for medium and high density housing in the city, outlined in our submission to Wellington City Council.

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Regional climate change strategy

We made a submission to Greater Wellington Regional Council on their new climate change strategy. We strongly support the draft climate change strategy in principle. But we are concerned that the Council will simply endorse the strategy and then leave it on the shelf. This would be an opportunity lost.

Posted in climate change and NZ policy issues and urban governance on 16 April 2015 – 3:15 pm

Video: Increasing walking and cycling in NZ cities

Michael Keall and Ralph Chapman speak about our new study showing that the Model Communities Programme, which provided government funding for walking and cycling in two NZ cities, has been successful in stopping the general decline in healthy, active travel. Sarah Free discusses Wellington’s progress on cycling infrastructure.

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Seminar: Housing matters for health

Hear the highlights on housing and its effects on health from the research team that won the 2014 Prime Minister’s Science Prize, including our own Philippa Howden-Chapman. Time: Wednesday 15 April 2015, noon-1 pm, Place: Nordmeyer Lecture Theatre, Level D, University of Otago Wellington, 23a Mein Street, Newtown.

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