Commuter cycling

How can we encourage people to shift from car trips to bicycle? Do policies that promote recreational cycling indirectly promote commuter cycling as well? Ed Randal investigates, using a case study of commuting in Wellington.

Posted in behaviour change and NZ policy issues and research and transport on 8 April 2014 – 3:49 pm

Seminar: Policy-making about health, equity and sustainability

You are invited to a seminar by Dr Alex Macmillan on ‘Integrated policy-making about health, equity and sustainability: examples from transport and housing’. Date: Friday 11 April, Time: 12.30 to 1.30 pm, Place: Small Lecture Theatre, University of Otago, Wellington,

Posted in housing & building and news & events and transport and urban governance on 7 April 2014 – 4:31 pm

Mobilities Symposium

We are pleased to host the 5th NZ Mobilities Symposium on the topic of Future Mobilities and Resilience. We invite you to join us on 3-4 July. We are also calling for abstracts if you would like to present.

Posted in news & events and NZ policy issues and transport on 26 March 2014 – 1:47 pm

Re-cycling the streets

Is it a good idea to change use of road space from on-street car parking to dedicated cycle ways? Jean Beetham has been studying the feasibility of a cycle way between Wellington’s southern suburbs and city centre.

Posted in NZ policy issues and research and transport and urban design and urban governance on 21 March 2014 – 10:28 am

Safer urban speed limits

We’ve made a submission to Wellington City Council about safer speed limits in the central city. We think that lowering the speed limit will reduce the number and severity of road accidents, encourage cycling, reduce costs for drivers, and reduce air and noise pollution from vehicles, so creating a cleaner and pleasant central city for residents and visitors.

Posted in health and NZ policy issues and transport and urban governance on 7 March 2014 – 11:16 am