The New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities is an inter-disciplinary research centre dedicated to providing the research base for innovative solutions to the economic, social, environmental and cultural development of our urban centres.

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Over 87 per cent of our population live in urban environments, so we face a challenge to keep our cities sustainable and competitively attractive in international terms, and the people within them healthy and socially connected.

The New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities aims to work in partnerships to develop the tools to promote well-being and health through smarter economic development, safer and more sustainable housing, transport and energy systems, and enhanced urban design. The centre is also seeking ways to support workforce development and increase the skills of those working on urban sustainability.

The New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities is based at the University of Otago, Wellington alongside our sister research centre He Kāinga Oranga - Housing and Health Research Programme.

  • WHO Collaborating Centre on Housing and Well-being



    He Kāinga Oranga, the University of Otago Housing and Health Research Programme, has been designated a WHO Collaborating Centre on Housing and Wellbeing.

  • Our people

    We are proud to be working with respected researchers who come from a diverse range of disciplines and include social scientists, public health specialists, physicists, geographers, engineers, economists, sociologists and Māori researchers.
  • Our partners & associates

    We are fortunate to have outstanding partners and associates contributing to and supporting our work.

  • Our advisory board

    Our Advisory Board is made up of well respected experts who are considered international leaders in the research community.

  • Our students

    We have a number of talented Master's and doctoral students working in our centre.