Implications of Housing Characteristics: Travel, Wellbeing and Emissions

Various factors affect the transport mode choices of households, their wellbeing, and carbon emissions from transport. The literature is sparse, but suggests key factors include socio-demographics (including income and employment), where public housing is located (urban form and accessibility factors), and tenure (public or private rental; home ownership). Mode choices also vary by trip purpose (e.g., commuting or other trips). In turn, mode choices will likely affect wellbeing and carbon emissions (whether household members share cars, for example, can affect emissions). We will use various data sources, including NZ Travel Survey data, a Tenant Wellbeing Survey, accessibility information; and a targeted survey of tenants, to gather information to illuminate this picture of transport behaviour and its consequences. Findings will suggest ways in which wellbeing of public housing tenants can be enhanced while reducing transport carbon emissions.

Project lead Ralph Chapman