Tenant Wellbeing Survey

Tenant wellbeing survey


The Tenant Wellbeing Survey was conducted in partnership with housing providers in the Public Housing & Urban Regeneration Research Programme from across Aotearoa.

The survey was mailed to 2,313 addresses from June to August in 2022 and we received 578 completed surveys.

The survey is to better understand the effects of the home, neighbourhood, and community on tenants’ wellbeing.

The survey contained demographic questions and topics on:

  • Wellbeing and health
  • Housing design and quality
  • Community and neighbourhoods
  • Energy and transport use
  • Values & culture

A copy of the Tenant Wellbeing Survey is available HERE

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Suggested citation: New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities, Tenant Wellbeing Survey of the Public Housing and Urban Regeneration Research Programme, Wellington, NZCSC, 2023, URL https://www.sustainablecities.org.nz/our-research/current-research/public-housing-urban-regeneration-programme/tenant-wellbeing-survey