Lori Leigh

Dr Lori Leigh is a Senior Research Fellow with the Department of Public Health at the University of Otago. She works with the New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities on the Public Housing & Urban Regeneration: Maximising Wellbeing research programme. Lori has a background in the creative and arts sector and is passionate about wellbeing and issues affecting Takatāpui/LGBTQIA+ identities. 

Lori has a wide breadth of research interests including practice-based research. Their work focuses on gender and sexuality, Shakespeare, stagecraft, performance, and dramaturgy. Lori’s research has been published by Palgrave MacMillan, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, and Routledge. Additionally, they have presented on theatre in site-sympathetic and urban spaces as well as work that encourages audiences to rethink public space as “performing”. Lori also works as a professional writer, director, and dramaturg and has received several awards and nominations for their creative work including Production of the Year, the top Wellington Theatre Award for their original drag musical, The Glitter Garden

Key publications

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