Ed Randal

Ed’s research explores relationships between transport, urban development and the environment, and how these interact with health, equity and wellbeing. Ed is currently leading research exploring the impact of the New Zealand transport system on health and equity and is working across both the transport and community formation strands of the MBIE-funded Public Housing and Urban Regeneration Research Programme. Ed holds two University of Otago Research Grants to model the future health impact of transport in New Zealand and to estimate the health and environmental effects of fully-subsidised public transport. Ed is also involved in research on greenspace and incorporates theories and methods from economics, behavioural psychology, social ecological systems and geographic information systems into his research.


Key publications

  1. He Kāinga Oranga: reflections on 25 years of measuring the improved health, wellbeing and sustainability of healthier housing.
    Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand,
  2. Why New Zealand transport policy needs to encourage walking and cycling.
    In L Early & P Howden-Chapman (Eds.), Cities in New Zealand: Preferences, patterns and possibilities.
    (pp.107-114). Wellington, New Zealand: Steele Roberts Aotearoa.