Rachel Dohig

Background of research

Public health responses to COVID-19 including lockdowns and other social measures have placed unprecedented restrictions on peoples' lives, and the effects of these are ongoing. These measures have disparately impacted different groups of people and, in many cases, exacerbated existing health and wellbeing inequities. Therefore, research into the experiences of specific communities is needed to provide insight into how they might be best supported during public health and social measures going forward.

Aims of research

To explore the health and wellbeing impacts of COVID-19 public health and social measures on tenants living in public housing in Aotearoa.


Data collection for this research will involve interviews with public housing tenants who experienced COVID-19 Public Health and Social Measures first-hand. Interviews will be supplemented by Photovoice, where participants can opt to provide photos of aspects of their housing which aided their experience or made these measures more difficult. Data from the interviews will be coded and analysed using Grounded Theory.

Key publications

No recent publications