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  • Thompson-Fawcett, M.
    'Just right' urbanism? Beyond communitarian ideals in Stockholm’s compact neighbourhoods.
    Journal of Urbanism
  • Donovan, G.H. Gatziolis, D. 't Mannetje, A. Weinkove, R. Douwes, J.
    An empirical test of the biodiversity hypothesis: Exposure to plant diversity is associated with a reduced risk of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.
    Science of the Total Environment,
    768, 144627.
  • Thompson-Fawcett, M.
    New Urbanism and Contextual Relativity: Insights from Sweden.
    Urban Planning
    5(4), 404-417.
  • Douwes, J. Haslett, S.
    Using ‘Big Data’ to conduct a quantitative study assessing the long-term impact of home insulation on residents’ health.
    International Medical Geography Symposium, Queenstown, New Zealand
  • Robertson, O. Atatoa Carr, P.
    Residential mobility and socioemotional and behavioural difficulties in a preschool population cohort of New Zealand children.
    BMJ of Epidemiology and Community Health
  • Extending urban stories through artistic research: the case of Jetty Street.
    Journal of Urban Design
    24(4), 640-655.
  • Turner, S. Eidse, N. Thompson-Fawcett, M. Fitzsimons, S.
    Advancing rigour in solicited diary research.
    Qualitative Research
    18(4), 451 –470.
  • Thompson-Fawcett, M. Fitzsimons, S. Turner, S.
    Reaching revelatory places: the role of solicited diaries in extending research on emotional geographies into the unfamiliar.