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  • Pedersen Zari, M. Kiddle, L. Gawler, S. Loubser, D.
    Utilising nature-based solutions to increase resilience in Pacific Ocean Cities.
    Ecosystem Services
    38 (2019): doi 100968
  • Douwes, J. Haslett, S.
    Using ‘Big Data’ to conduct a quantitative study assessing the long-term impact of home insulation on residents’ health.
    International Medical Geography Symposium, Queenstown, New Zealand
  • Robertson, O. Atatoa Carr, P.
    Residential mobility and socioemotional and behavioural difficulties in a preschool population cohort of New Zealand children.
    BMJ of Epidemiology and Community Health
  • Kebbell, S.
    Nudging towards urban walkability in a car-dependent New Zealand neighbourhood.
    In M. Jones, L. Rice & F. Meraz (Eds.), Designing for health & wellbeing: Home, city, society.
    (pp. 87-108). Wilmington, USA: Vernon Press.
  • White, M.
    Healthy homes initiative: Initial analysis of health outcomes.
    Motu Note #37, Motu Economic and Public Policy Research, Wellington, New Zealand
  • Extending urban stories through artistic research: the case of Jetty Street.
    Journal of Urban Design
    24(4), 640-655.
  • Slykerman, R.F. Coomarasamy, C. Wickens, K. Thompson, J.M.D. Stanley, T.V. Barthow, C. Kang, J. Mitchell, E.A.
    Exposure to antibiotics in the first 24 months of life and neurocognitive outcomes at 11 years of age.
    (Berl). 2019; 36(5):1573-8
  • Kristono, G.A. Shorter, C. Siebers, R.
    Endotoxin, cat, and house dust mite allergens in electrostatic cloths and bedroom dust.
    J Occup Environ Hyg.
  • Hasan M.A. Frame D.J. Archie K.M.
    Emissions from the road transport sector of New Zealand: key drivers and challenges.
    Environmental Science and Pollution Research
    26(23), 23937–23957